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What’s up in Kenilworth’s Real Estate Market?

Whether you’re a homeowner or thinking of becoming a homeowner in Kenilworth, here’s what you need to know about real estate values in Kenilworth.

Inventory: Only 1 home sold in March in Kenilworth, making March the slowest sales month in more than 2 years. The good news is that inventory is up – there are currently 35 homes offered for sale, up from 28 in February.

Prices: Of course, when only 1 home sells, that one home’s impact on averages is much more dramatic. The one house that was sold in March was sold for $280,000, which is lower than the average sale price in Kenilworth for the last six months.

If you’re interested in purchasing a home in Kenilworth or the surrounding area, please see a complete list of homes at www.WayneZuhl.com. If you’re planning to sell your Kenilworth home, please call us at 908-917-4189 for a free comparative market analysis of your home.

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What’s happening in the Garwood Real Estate Market?

Inventory: There are currently 12 homes offered for sale in Garwood at an average list price of $324,792.

Prices: The average sale price of a home in Garwood in March was $334,167. 

If you’re a Garwood homeowner,  call or email us when you’re ready to get your home on the market! Good luck!

If you’re a Garwood homebuyer, click here to search current listings in Garwood and then call us for your private showing of your new home!


Team Zuhl is here to help you every step of the way. 

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Fanwood, NJ, real estate market report


Inventory: There are currently 33 single family homes offered for sale in Fanwood, representing about 50% increase in inventory over February of 2014. The average list price of homes currently offered for sale in Fanwood is $454,803. Five homes were sold in March.

Prices: The average sale price of a home in Fanwood in March was $390,500. 



What does this mean to the home buyer or seller in Fanwood? Call Team Zuhl today!

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What’s Up in the Cranford Real Estate Market? Inventory!

cranford prices

Inventory: There are currently 88 single family homes offered for sale in Cranford including this beauty on Hory Street.  Twelve homes were sold in March for a total of 42 homes sold so far this year.

cranford inventory

Prices:  The average home in Cranford sold for $318,054 in March, 9% lower than in March of 2013 and 14% lower than March of 2012.

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Clark Real Estate Market Update

clark inventory

Prices: The average sale price of a home in Clark in March, 2014, was $399,600 which is about 14% higher than March of 2012.

clark prices

Inventory: There are currently 58 single family homes offered for sale in Clark at an average list price of $452,728.  Five homes were sold in March of 2014, only half of that sold in March of 2013.

If you’re thinking about selling your Clark home, get a free Comparative Market Analysis here.

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Linden and Rahway Real Estate Market Update



Time on market: For homeowners in Rahway and Linden, the expected spring quickening in the real estate market has yet to arrive. While prices are up, the length of time it’s taking to sell the average home has actually increased. 






Prices: The average sale price in Rahway and Linden is higher than it’s been in more than 2 years. The average sale price in Rahway and Linden in March of 2014 was $228,493.






Inventory: The inventory in Rahway and Linden was lower this winter than it’s been in over 2 years, but is now beginning to recover. To search Rahway listings, click here. To search Linden listings, click here.

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What Affects Credit Scores?

When you’re applying for a mortgage, your credit score can have a big impact not only on the mortgage rate you get but also on how much you can borrow. One of the critical first steps in buying a home is ensuring that your credit score is as high as possible to allow you the most flexibility, but many people aren’t aware of how credit scores are calculated.

Your credit score is a numeric value that incorporates all of your credit and payment history into a mathematical equation and calculates the probability of repayment of any future loan. The seven factors that are included in this calculation are:

  1. loan repayment behavior
  2. credit score inquiries
  3. delinquency of loans
  4. length of established credit
  5. composition of credit
  6. quantity of credit already available
  7. amount of outstanding loans

Are you a Rahway Expert?

How much do you know about Rahway?

Let’s take a simple quiz, shall we? 


Q1. What’s the population of Rahway?

  1. less than 15,000
  2. between 15,000 and 25,000
  3. between 25,000 and 35,000
  4. more than 35,000



The answer is C – Rahway’s population is just over 27,000. 


Q2. Back in the days of the American Revolution, what was Rahway originally called?

  1. Jamestown
  2. Spanktown
  3. Wheatville
  4. Georgetown



The answer is B – The settlement of Spanktown participated in a battle of the Revolutionary War called the Battle of Spanktown. The name was later changed to Rahway.



Q3. What President visited  Rahway’s Merchants and Drover’s Tavern on the way to his innauguation?

  1. George Washington
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Barack Obama
  4. George Bush



The answer is A. George Washington visited the tavern in 1789 on his way to his New York City inauguration.  The tavern still stands today on the corner of Saint George’s Avenue and Westfield Avenue. 



Q4. Rahway was the location of the Nation’s first __.

  1. mint that made coins with the inscription: “E Pluribus Unum” 
  2. travel agency
  3. hotel that offered private toilets en suite
  4. battle of the American Revolution



The answer is A – Rahway was the first place “E Pluribus Unum” was ever stamped on a coin.


Q5. How many public schools are in Rahway?

  1. 2 elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school
  2. 4 elementary schools, one middle school, and a high school
  3. 4 elementary schools, two middle schools, and 2 high schools
  4. 6 elementary schools, two middle schools, and 2 high schools



The answer is B. Students in Rahway are served by Grover Cleveland School,  Franklin School, Madison School, and Roosevelt School, Rahway 7th & 8th Grade Academy for grades 7-8 and Rahway High School for grades 9-12.



So how did you do? 

1-2 right – You’re a newcomer, aren’t you?

3-4 right – Still getting used to the town.

5 right – An old-timer like you ought to be writing these quizzes! Contact us!


If you’re interested in buying a home in Rahway,  click here to see all of the single family homes and click here to see all of the multiple family homes currently on the market. If you’re interested in finding out what your  Rahway home is worth, find out here. If we can help you along the way, email us at teamzuhl@gmail.com or call us at 908-917-4189!



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How to obtain a CCO in Cranford

ImageWhen you sell your Cranford home, you will be required to file a Certificate of Continued Occupancy (CCO) to ensure that your home meets certain standards before the new owners take possession. The CCO will only be issued after passing an inspection which includes:

  • Smoke detectors on each level of the house including the basement in the vicinity of the stairs. Smoke detectors must be mounted on the ceiling within 10 feet of each bedroom and at least 4 inches from a corner or on the wall between 4 and 12 inches from the ceiling. Attics also require smoke detectors if they are habitable.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors are required on each level and must be outside and within 10 feet of each bedroom if the home has a fuel burning appliance or an attached garage.
  • If the building has a sump pump, it must discharge outside the building and may not be discharged into the sanitary sewer system.
  • The building must have the appropriate zoning regulations for the area which you can determine by calling the zoning officer at 908-709-7212.
  • You must have at least one fire extinguisher which must be labeled, charged, operable, and portable with a minimum rating of 2A:10BC for residential use. It may not weigh more than 10 pounds and must be visible and readily accessible within 10 feet of the kitchen near a room exit or travel path to the outside. It must be mounted using the manufacturer’s bracket and the extinguisher’s tip can be no higher than 5 feet above the floor.
  • Your house number must be within 4 and 8 inches in height and must be clearly visible from the street. It must be between 4 feet and 10 feet above the ground and must be weatherproof and securely mounted against a contrasting background. If the home is set back more than 150 feet from the street, then the street number must also be displayed on a sign visible from and within 25 feet of the street.
  • There can be no open building permits.


A CCO in Cranford costs $70 and the application can be downloaded here

What’s up with Westfield’s Real Estate Market?

One of the hottest towns in Union County is Westfield. Great schools, fantastic downtown shopping and restaurants, and an easy commute to NYC make it one of the most sought after towns for home buyers.

To find out how much your home in Westfield is worth, please click here. To search for a home in Westfield, please click here.

For more information on Westfield Real Estate:

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