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Dentist’s Day – March 6th

March 6th is Dentist’s Day – is everyone smiling?Smiles on Stiles, Linden Office

One of our favorite dentists is Dr. Alice Brittain of Smiles On Stiles in Linden, NJ. A Pittsburgh native, Dr. Brittain began her dental career in the US Air Force, serving ten years on active duty, and then served part time in the NY Air National Guard until retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Since moving to Linden in 1992, Dr. Brittain has maintained a private family dental practice. She also possesses a Certificate in Electrology and is a Certified Professional Electrologist.

Do you take care of your teeth? Dr. Brittain says, “Do you take your car in for regular maintenance?  Will you have it for ten years?  Thirty?  Have you scheduled a dental check-up lately?”

Dr. Brittain can be found at 1202 N. Stiles St. in Linden and can be reached at 908-486-2673.

Celebrate Dentist’s Day by making an appointment for a checkup now!

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