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Winter Gardening

ImageWhat you do in the garden this winter can have big payoffs in the spring. Here are the top 6 tips for maintaining your winter garden:

1. Remove any weeds, being sure to pull the roots. Weeds are easier to spot in the winter when other plants have died back, and pulling the weeds now will prevent them from taking foothold in the spring.


2. Cut your lawn short. Not only does this make last minute leaf removal easier, but it also keeps the grass healthier.


3. Plant and fertilize bulbs. Tulips provide a bright splash in the spring and now’s the time to plant them!

4. Prune any damaged branches.



5. Remove and store tender tubers like dahlias and canna lilies.

6.Empty rain barrels and any other device that might store water which might expand when frozen, damaging the container.


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