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Westfield Sound Station Fundraiser

On January 22, the Sound Station in Westfield was destroyed in a fire. Owners Bob Larsen and Liz Walsh sold rare music finds and albums by local artists as well as hosting live shows. Rumor has it that the couple will open their doors again in a new spot in Westfield but renovations are expensive.

The community is hosting a life benefit on Friday, February 3rd. Supporters of the Sound Station have coordinated a concert called  “Backpack Superheroes present Sound Station Benefit Show” to be held at the Stanley Cup Bar & Grill, 1410 East Elizabeth Ave. in Linden starting at 9 pm. Ten bands will perform until 3 am. Admission is $5 at the door but additional donations are encouraged.

Another benefit concert will be held on April 21st at  The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. There will also be a matinee all-ages show, featuring all bands from Westfield High School. There will also be a collection for CDs, records, tapes, and musical equipment of any kind (record players and the like) which will be donated to raise additional funds. All proceeds will go to the Help Sound Station fund. There will also be Save Sound Station t-shirts for sale.

Additional donations can be made at SoundStationNJ.com where you can also see more of what is happening with Sound Station and its owners.

IndieGoGo also accepts donation and has a pretty cool video by David Urbano.

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