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9/11 Memorials

With the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks approaching, nearly every community in the county will be holding a memorial ceremony. One ceremony of note will be the county wide ceremony held at 1pm on Sunday September 11th at Echo Lake Park in Mountainside.

The memorial that has been constructed in Echo Lake Park is beautiful and poignant.  It is constructed around two steel girders from the World Trade Center.  An eternal flame honors the memory of the people who died during the attack, including  the passengers of four planes used in the attack and emergency responders.  It also honors the military men and women who voluntarily protect our nation.  A five sided design is incorporated into the memorial to commemorate those who lost their lives at the Pentagon.  A block of granite with a stainless steel plaque lists the names of the 60 Union County residents who perished during the 9/11 attack.

In conjunction with ceremonies at the memorial , the New York Blood Center will be conducting a blood drive from 11am to 3:30pm at Echo Lake Park.  “We hope that the donation of blood – literally giving part of oneself for the sake of a perfect stranger – will be an experience that helps to knit the Union County community more closely together on the anniversary of this tragic day, strengthens our respect for all life, and reaffirms the value we place on freedom and liberty as universal human rights,” Freeholder Vice Chairman and Fanwood resident Alexander Mirabella said in the press release.

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  1. […] September 11th, a uniformed Honor Guard will stand watch over the Union County 9/11 Memorial at Echo Lake Park in Mountainside. The public will be asked to light candles in memory of those who died. The Union County memorial […]

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