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Union County Hauntings

Earlier this week, we told you about the ghost of Hannah Caldwell. Today we take a look at the other famous haunting here in Union County.

During the Revolution, captured spies were hung from a giant tree that stood at the corner of Gallows Hill Road and Brookside Place in Cranford. The tree has been cut down, but some say the spirits still remain. People claim to see movement around the area late at night near a rusty iron and concrete post that still remain.

The Park Avenue Graveyard in Scotch Plains is home to a lady in white who appears to be looking for a ride. Legend has it that she disappears after drivers try to stop and pick her up.

Finally, the East Campus of Kean University in Union is haunted by a young girl who attended the college when it was a Catholic school. Rogers Hall is also haunted by a former student. Wilkins Theatre at Kean University is haunted, some say, by at least three ghosts – one know for pranks (walking on the catwalk, shaking lights, making strange sounds in the pit) and the second ghost of an older woman with blonde hair and a blue dress who can be seen in the wings against the wall. A third ghost at Wilkins Theatre is named George. He was an old electrician who died in the theater. Legend on campus is that the last person to leave the theater must say goodnight to George or the next performance will go badly. Some say that a negative presence can be felt at the Vaughn-Eames Building on campus. Another building on campus, a small white house called the Townley House, belonged to the family who farmed the land before it became a school. Many people report having supernatural experiences there – voices telling them to “Get out!” and other strange noises.

So, we ask you – is Union County haunted, or not?

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