Making Your Real Estate Dreams Come True

Conventional wisdom may sound something like this – don’t bother putting your home on the market in the winter because it’s the slowest time of the year in the real estate market.

That may be true.


Why wouldn’t you want to put your home on the market when the competition is few and far between?

Think about it – most people take their homes off the market because they believe that winter is the slowest month. And, therefore, their house doesn’t sell in the winter, perpetuating the myth!

The truth is – home buyers who are looking in December are typically more serious buyers. They know what they want and they’re ready to act. Putting your home on the market in December practically guarantees that you won’t have curious neighbors just stopping by without any serious intention of making an offer. You might not get as many showings in December, but the ones you get will be more serious!

Here’s another reason to consider putting your home on the market in December – your home is probably at its most beautiful when the holiday decorations are up! Imagine the photographs that will go on the MLS!  Of course, if you decide to sell in the winter, you’ll have to make sure that your porches, sidewalks, decks, and driveway are clear of snow and ice. It’s also a bit harder to keep the floors of the house clean with snow and mud being tracked in. But on the plus side, your holiday decorations are a great way to add some extra lighting to your home and show it at its best.

A third reason you might want to put your home on the market now is because you could tap into an emotional market – buyers are less likely to make low offers. A buyer who’s looking at your house in December and decides it’s the house for them is probably going to make a good offer because there are fewer houses to choose from and they don’t want to risk losing the one that they found!

Here’s a fourth reason – buyers on holiday vacation have more time to look at houses!

Do you need a fifth reason to sell during the holidays? Your buyers who may have tax reasons to buy before the end of the year and are therefore in some kind of rush.

Reason six – The biggest month of the year for job transfers is January and someone who needs to move in January may be knocking on your door this month!

Seven – If you sell now, you’ll be able to buy without a contingency in the spring when there are more houses to choose from (and therefore lower prices).

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