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Nominate a Community Volunteer

New Jersey volunteers flocked to the shore to help provide food and shelter for hurricane victims. Every day,  volunteers staff the schools, ambulances,libraries, fire trucks, food pantries, environmental centers and churches all over the State.

The New Jersey State Governor’s Jefferson Awards honor the 1.5 million volunteers in New Jersey. 

To nominate a volunteer, click here and then submit a 300 word essay that includes a description of how the nominee has impacted the community through exceptional service.

The deadline for submitting a nomination is January 15th.

Union County PAC presents Pat Benatar – January 24


Union County Performing Arts Center will present Pat Benatar and her husband, guitarist Neil Giraldo, on Thursday, January 24th at 8:00pm. Benatar will perform her 1980s Top 40 classic hits including ”Heartbreaker,” ”Invincible,” ”Fire and Ice,” ”Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” ”Love Is a Battlefield” and ”You Better Run.”

Seats range from $49.50 to $99.

Click here for Tickets and more information.


Spring Continuing Ed Program at UCC

Union County College announces the Spring Continuing Education program brochure is now available.  There are more than 40 new classes, including classes for teens, adults, and seniors.

There are classes available for professional improvement. If your career needs a kick, here’s a great way to learn the skills necessary to move ahead. UCC also offers classes for personal enrichment – health, zumba, and many more. There are also a host of certificate programs available.

For more information, click here.

File:MacDonald Hall Administration Building Union County College.jpg

What’s the Real Estate market like in Cranford, NJ?

If you’re buying or selling a home in Cranford, NJ, here are the details you need to know!

carnford - active vs sold listings

The real estate market in Cranford experienced a very high inventory this summer but things have slowed down a bit lately with the inventory dropping significantly in November to be the lowest of the year.  Things could be tough for buyers in Cranford right now as the supply is relatively low.

cranford - dom

Homes were selling fast this summer in Cranford this summer with an average Days On Market under 40. Coupled with the high inventory, this was a busy summer real estate market in Cranford. Things slowed down this fall and now homes are selling slower – on average, it takes more than 80 days of showings to  put a house under contract.

cranford - sp vs lp

Homes in Cranford sell for an average of about $365,000, but prices were higher in the busier market this summer and lower as the market recovered last winter.

For more information on Cranford’s Real Estate market:

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Need more information? Call Team Zuhl and find the perfect Cranford home!

Buying or Selling a Home in Clark

homes listed and sold in clark

Home sales in Clark, NJ, saw the predictable bump this summer and things were busier over the autumn months than they have been for most of the year. With 94 homes currently for sale in Clark, now is a great time to buy a home here!

average sale price clark

The average sale price of a home in Clark this year was at its highest in June but prices are still above where they were last winter. There’s no indication that prices will drop in the spring or next summer, either, so if Clark is where you want to live, now may be the time to get the best price.

dom clark

Clark homes continue to show fluctuation in the length of time it takes to sell. The quickest home sales occurred this year in May and August, but the autumn months showed pretty quick sales also with the average Days on Market being around 60 days. This is the fastest turnover in inventory Clark has seen in a long time.

sp to lp ratio clarkWhen you’re considering what to offer for the Clark home of your dream, one factor you may consider is the Sale Price to List Price ratio. Higher ratios indicate homes selling closer to list price and lower ratios indicate homes selling below list price. Throughout the year, Clark homes have average about 96% Sale to List Price Ratio.

If Clark is the town for you, call Team Zuhl and enjoy all that this great town has to offer!

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The Wallflowers at Union County PAC

The Wallflowers will be appearing on the Mainstage at Union County Performing Arts Center on Saturday, December 29 at 8:00 pm.

The Wallflowers include Jakob Dylan (pictured below) , Rami Jaffee, and Greg Richling and have released 6 albums – The Wallflowers, Bringing Down the Horse, (Breach), Red Letter Days, Rebel Sweetheart, and Glad All Over, as well as a greatest hits album Collected . They also won two Grammy Awards for “One Headlight” in 1998.

Tickets range from $29.50 through $65 and can be purchased here.

File:Jakob Dylan.jpg

How to save on your Union County-NYC Commute

Union County commuters to NYC – get ready to pay more! You may have missed the news, like we did. But the bridges and tunnels raised their tolls last week.

Here are the new rates:
……………..EZ Pass Off Peak        EZ Pass Peak          Cash

Car                        $8.25                             $10.25            $13.00

Motorcycle             $7.25                             $9.25               $12.00

File:George Washington Bridge, HAER NY-129-68.jpg

You can save on your commuting expenses by registering in the Carpool Plan and/or Green Pass.

What is the Carpool Plan?

You can save $4.00 off peak and $6.00 peak if you are a member of the Port Authority Carpool Discount Plan – pay only $4.25 per trip, on or off peak. To apply for the Carpool plan, call  800-333-8655 (New York Service Center) or 888-288-6865 (New Jersey Service Center). Be sure to have your account number or tag number and PIN when you call.

The discounted rate is only in effect if you have 3 or more people in your vehicle and if you use a staffed “Cash EZ Pass” lane. You must come to a complete stop so the toll collector can verify that you have 3 or more people in your car.

What is the Green Pass?

Low emission vehicles that  are certified to the California Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) standard and achieve a United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) highway fuel economy rating of 45 miles per gallon or more can travel off-peak and save. The toll for qualifying vehicles is only $4.75 off peak. All vehicles on New York’s Clean Pass Program Vehicle Eligibility List are eligible for the Port Authority Green Pass Discount Plan. To enroll in the Green Pass Discount Plan, call 800-333-8655 (New York Service Center) or 888-288-6865 (New Jersey Service Center) and be sure to have your account number or tag number and PIN for account access.

Cash customers are not permitted on the lower level of the George Washington Bridge overnight (11pm-6am Sundays through Thursdays, 11pm-7am Fridays and Saturdays). Tolls collectors may accept bills up to $100 but will not accept checks, money orders, credit cards, or traveler’s checks.  They will also not accpet currency other than US, nor will they accept small change, pennies, or wrapped coins. They can give you a receipt, but only if you ask.

For more information, please click here.

John Lennon and Real Estate


I remember the shock at hearing the John Lennon was dead. File:Lennon apartment.jpg

John’s legacy of music is legendary. His investment in real estate is less well known. But today I ran across this really fascinating article about the homes that John Lennon shared with Yoko Ono. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about their real estate investments as much as I did.


More about the Beatles:

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What’s a Credit Score?

Credit scores measure the risk of defaulting on a loan. When you apply for a mortgage, the mortgage company will measure how likely you are to default based on established criteria and then make a decision if they think you’re worth the risk. Here are the 7 factors that affect your score:File:Credit-cards.jpg

  1. Loan repayment behavior –  Have you paid back loans on time, or have you made late payments or missed payments.
  2. Credit score inquiries or requests for credit – When you check your credit, counter-intuitively, your credit score goes down. Applying for a loan also reduces your credit score. Save those inquiries and loan applications for when you need it.
  3. Delinquency – If you’ve defaulted on a loan, your credit score will drop.
  4. Length of established credit – If you’ve never had a credit card or a loan before, you is less likely to have a high credit score. Having a credit card, and paying the balance every month, boosts your credit score a little bit each year.
  5. Composition of credit – Revolving debt, such as with credit cards, affects your credit score differently than a loan that you pay back in installments. A variety of types of cards will benefit your credit score.
  6. Quantity of credit already available – The more you can borrow, the higher your credit score.
  7. Amount of outstanding loans – If you already have debt, you’re less likely to qualify for more debt.

The most widely used credit score in the United States is the FICO score. FICO is named for the Fair Isaac Corporation.

The FICO score is calculated according to the following categories:

  •  Payment history                35%
  • Amounts owed                   30%File:Credit-score-chart.svg
  • Length of credit history       15%
  • New credit                         10%
  • Types of credit in use          10%

FICO scores range from 300 to 850.

For more information on mortgages and credit:

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Will the World End on December 21st?


The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Will the world end, too?

Should we even bother doing our Holiday shopping and baking?

On Saturday, December 8th, the Amateur Astronomers, Inc., will dedicate an entire evening’s workshops to discussing this topic. The talks start at 8 pm with “The End of the World – But Don’t Lose Any Sleep On It.” At 9:00, Chabot Space and Science Center will present “Tales of the Maya Skies.” A third talk, “Tales of the Maya,” will begin at 9:40.

The talks will be held at Sperry Observatory on the Cranford campus of Union County College. Observing through the 10″ and 24″ telescopes at Sperry will be available all night.

Al Witzgall, long time member of Amateur Astronomers, Inc., will give a talk on this subject on Saturday, December 21st, at 8pm. Join us at Sperry Observatory, which is located on the Cranford campus of Union County College, to hear Al’s take on whether the Mayans were foretelling doom so many years ago.

For more information, email or go to the webpage at

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