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Dear TZ,

Is the fence the boundary between my property and my neighbor’s?

– Border Billy

Dear Billy,

File:Apsley house on an 1869 Ordnance Survey Map.JPG

Most people don’t bother to learn where their boundaries are until they want to build a structure like a shed or fence. If you think a neighbor is encroaching on your land, please act quickly. If you allow them to put a fence or structure, or even a garden, or your property, you may in fact be losing the rights to that property in the future.

The first place to go to find out your boundaries is to check the deed to your home. It will contain a description of your property, including its measurements. You can then measure from the landmarks, such as your house, to the property lines.

The county recorder’s office and the assessor’s office in your area can provide maps that will show your property line.

If you need a more exact determination, you will need to hire a licensed land surveyor. They can place official markers on your boundary lines.

Good luck!

– Team Zuhl


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