A great place to live and work

Samantha the Wonder Dog was adopted into our family

back in 2001, and she’s been the princess in our house ever since. Here are 5 things she’s taught us that have made us better Realtors, and, dare I say, better people:

1. Always go for the treat.  Treats are rare indeed, and they are always worth whatever the treat holder asks.

2. When you get caught chasing your tail, just

sit down and wait it out. The urge will pass.

3. Work hard but play harder. Sam’s job is to protect the house – and our house is completely monster free, thanks to her zealous barking. But when she plays, she’s all about the game. Dozens (hundreds?) of stuffed ducks have been routinely fetched and chomped and played tug of war with.

4. When you’re in the car, open the windows and smell the fresh air. Every day is an exciting adventure, even when you’re just going to the post office.

5. Your people are much more important than anything else. Protect them at all cost, and make sure you love them every chance you get. If they don’t feel like loving you back right at that moment, nuzzle them harder.

I hope there’s a Samantha the Wonder Dog in your life. If not, we can always use a dog sitter for a weekend 🙂


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