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Why Didn’t My Home Sell?!?

“Why didn’t my home sell?”

It’s a common question. Two homes can be priced similarly and be in similar neighborhoods, yet one sells and the other doesn’t. The expired seller is left to wonder why their home wasn’t sold.

The truth is that not every home is for every buyer. You can do all the right things – market your home to the greatest number of potential sellers, make it available for sellers all the time, price it right, make repairs and stage the furniture well, and create welcoming curb appeal – and yet your home may not sell.


The answer, I think, may be hidden in two emails I received today. Two agents showed the same property that we’ve listed. When asked for feedback, here’s what one agent said:

“My client loved the property and we’ll be making an offer tomorrow!”

And here’s what the other agent said:

“The property didn’t show well and my client is not interested at all.”

Not every home is suitable for every buyer. One buyer’s perfect home is another buyer’s nightmare.

If your home didn’t sell, you should first make sure that you did all the right things. If you hired an agent who marketed the home to the greatest number of potential sellers, and if you made the home available for showings as much as possible, and if you priced it well and made all necessary repairs and kept the home in pristine showing condition and created welcoming curb appeal – then, you’re right, your home should have sold. But it didn’t, and the reason may be as simple as the right buyer didn’t walk through the door yet. 

So keep doing the right things. Every pot has a lid, my Grandmother would say. Your buyer will come.


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