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Dear Homeowners,

Please spend the time it would take to go on line and verify that your listing is accurate!


When a homeowner hires a real estate agent, it’s important to trust that they’ll do a great job marketing the home. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Quite often, we market ourselves to the owners whose homes didn’t sell. When we meet with them, we bring their former listing with us and it’s amazing to us how often the owners find errors in their listings. 

Some errors are harmless like the agent who wrote “Call with any wuestions” in the listing. “What’s a high efficacy furnace?” asked another homeowner whose former agent had misspelled efficiency for the entire term of their contract. My personal favorite mistake is the agent who claimed a home was in “Moving conditions.”

Are there enough photos to showcase your home’s best features and interest buyers? Be sure the photos are actually of the house, not the furniture. Are the photos professionally done or are they out of focus? “No wonder it didn’t sell!” said the homeowner whose listing had 2 photos – one was a closeup of the bathroom sink with the realtor’s face visible in the mirror. 

Errors can harm the sale of your home, according to The Los Angeles Times. Some errors, like “large dock” when the agent meant to say “large deck” may attract buyers who are looking for something your home doesn’t have. Other errors such as misspelling the name of the street may reduce the number of showings your home receives. There are errors that could result in a lawsuit, like misprinting the tax information or size of the property.

If your listing doesn’t say what you want it to say, let your agent know! 


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