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Selling Your Vacant Home

Listing a vacant home presents challenges. None of these challenges are insurmountable, but homeowners who want to sell a home that is vacant need to be aware of potential problems.

First, your home is vacant and therefore unprotected. We had a vacant listing get broken into this week. The copper pipes were all stolen. You could attract squatters. You could attract rodents or insects or both. Intruders of the human variety can be prevented with a good alarm system. Critter intruders can be prevented by ensuring that the home is spotless – not a crumb to be found – and that all openings are secure.


Secondly, your home is vacant and therefore uncared for. The lawn won’t get done, the weeds won’t get pulled – and there will be no one to care for it. Simple solution is to hire a landscaper to come regularly – once a week is best when your home is on the market.


Thirdly, your home is vacant and therefore devoid of the niceties that make a home inviting and comfortable. Without furniture, buyers have a tough time seeing the home as a place where they’d like to live. Simple solution – hire a stager. You could go whole hog and fully furnish the home – place settings and all – but  even minimal staging – an area rug here or a vase of dried flowers there – can make all the difference in the world. 


When you’re ready to sell your home, even if it’s after you’ve moved out, call us for some personalized help in getting it sold!

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