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Did you know you have a Reticular Activator?

It’s the part of the brain that makes you ultra-aware of certain things and ignore other things. For example, once I bought a teal car, and, suddenly, there were teal cars everywhere I went. My initials are JZ and I notice license plates with JZ all the time. At the same time, your reticular activator might help you to ignore the dirty dishes you leave in the sink or the sound of a car alarm. It’s the reason you can sleep through your spouse’s alarm but your own alarm wakes you up.

So today, you need to turn on your Reticular Activator.

When you hear someone say “my friend is getting married” or “my aunt is having a baby,” your Reticular Activator will help you to notice that the person you’re talking to has a contact that needs a Realtor. When you go to a retirement party, remember that retirees often sell their homes and need a Realtor.

And then, I hope you’ll refer them to us!



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