Making Your Real Estate Dreams Come True

Around certain neighborhoods, there are legends of realtors that locked sellers into long contracts – sometimes 12 months or more – and then didn’t show up ever again. Homeowners tell these stories with trepidation – How will they ever sell their homes when there are unscrupulous realtors who don’t provide any of the marketing they promised and won’t let the sellers out of their contract? Disappointed would-be sellers whisper about phones that rang and rang but no one answered, listings that had errors, open houses that were never held, and all manner of horrible service. 

It’s very scary selling a home. It’s hard to trust a realtor to do what they say they’re going to do, especially when you’re locked into a lengthly contract with them. 

Team Zuhl and Hallmark Realtors are happy to offer you a No Risk Listing Guarantee.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

If for any reason you feel that your  home is not being properly marketed, we will give you an unconditional release from the listing. You can relax, knowing that you won’t be locked into a lengthy contract and enjoy the caliber of service of agents who are confident enough to make this offer!

How can we do this? Because we know that we provide service that is unparalleled. We know that our clients deserve the best service possible, so we commit ourselves to being the best service providers. 

Curious? Have questions? Call us at 908-917-4189. We won’t make you sign anything unless you’re sure we’re the right agents for you!

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