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6 Reasons to use a Realtor

It’s not terribly difficult to sell a home and certainly some homeowners choose to sell their home without benefit of professional representation. If you’re considering selling your home as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), here are some benefits of using a professional Realtor that you may not have considered:

1. Using a professional Realtor will save you time and effort. That’s obvious. Showing your home, marketing your home, and answering queries about your home take time and effort, and many homeowners choose not to use their energy in this manner. 

2. Listing with a Realtor increases your exposure to buyers. FSBO’s typically advertise using signage and by buying space in newspapers  – not a terrible strategy, but your exposure isn’t even a tenth of what a real estate professional can provide. Unless you’ve contracted with a brokerage, you can’t be listed in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, which is where nearly all buyers come from. 

3. Realtors have the ability to pre-qualify buyers to distinguish them from lookers. When you sell your home FSBO, you have no way to determine if a person who is coming to see your home is actually interesting in buying it or is just touring the neighborhood out of curiousity. Realtors pre-qualify buyers so that we don’t waste your time.

4. Realtors market your home using professional quality tools. You may be an expert at designing advertisements but real estate professionals have the connections and tools Imagenecessary to design and produce marketing pieces that look professional. 

5. Your family is safer when you use a Realtor. A professional will escort all buyers through your home when you list with a Realtor and you and your family don’t even need to be home.

6. Legal documents get filed appropriately. The transfer of ownership of a home is a legal undertaking that requires mountains of paperwork. While certainly not impossible to complete without being a professional, this paperwork does require a certain amount of experience to complete correctly. 

So if you’re considering selling your home, we hope that you at least consider using a professional Realtor. Call us – there’s no obligation, and you’ll see for yourself how we can make selling your home easier!

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