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Dear Team Zuhl,

We want to sell your home in Union County. We’ve read your market trends posts and we know that some towns sell faster than others. But when should we list our home so that it sells the quickest?

Does WHEN we LIST our home affect how QUICKLY we SELL our home?


– Hurry Up Harry

Hi Harry,

Some people need to sell their home fast – maybe they need the cash for an emergency, or maybe they’ve been relocated. They need to price the home low and market aggressively. But if you just want to minimize the inconvenience of having you home on the market for a long time, then timing is very important.

When you list your home absolutely affects how quickly you sell your home!

When we look at the data from the past several years, we see that the average time a home spends on the market varies from month to month.


It shows the length of time it took to sell a home that sold in each month of the year. Some months have shorter Days on Market than others – for example, the average home that sold in May was sold after 67.4 days on the market. That means it was listed in March. The average home that sold in October was sold after 68.8 days on the market – that means it was listed in August.

Other months have longer Days on Market. The average home that sold in January over the last several years was sold after 102.8 days on the market – that means it was listed in September. Homes that sold in February were listed 99.3 days before February – October.

Having said that, there seems to be a correlation between the DAY of the week that you list your home and how quickly it sells.  Homes listed on Fridays sell quicker than homes listed any other day of the week – perhaps because listing on Friday gives your agent enough time to get the home marketed befoer Sunday which is the busiest day for home shopping. Homes listed on Tuesdays get the most web views – on-line home buyers seem to hit the internet mid-week.

Good luck!

– TZ

Useful Links on How to Sell Your Home:


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