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Buying Super Bowl Tickets

Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford will be the site of this year’s Super Bowl and all of New Jersey is abuzz. Our Giants and our Jets have let us down….again…..but we’re still excited about hosting the big game and all of the hoopla that surrounds it.

If you’re still looking to buy tickets, they start at $3000 and get as high as $15,000 per seat (50 yard line, 1st level) with minimal availability on Ticketmaster. On StubHub, there are seats as low as $2500 and go up to $970,000 (Commissioner’s Club Suite, row 2). Those are prices as of today, January 11th but StubHub predicts that prices are most likely to go down as kickoff gets closer.

The teams that will be playing in the Super Bowl may influence price as we get closer to the game. If the Patriots get in, lots of New England fans may flood the New York/New Jersey area demanding tickets and prices could go up fast.

The weather may have an impact as well. This year’s Super Bowl is the first outdoor cold weather Super Bowl and a blizzard or cold spell could keep fans away.

With prices like these, can the average person afford to attend the Super Bowl? One man from New Brunswick, Josh Finkelman, is suing the NFL, claiming that the ticket price is unfair to the public. Finkelman claims that the NFL is guilty of price gouging since only 1% of the available seats are being sold to the general public at face value – that’s about 8000 seats. Low supply drives up prices, he claims.

What do you think? Would you spend a month’s mortgage, or a year’s mortgage, on tickets to see the Super Bowl in person, or are you happier in your climate controlled living room?


Super Bowl Preparations in NJ

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