A great place to live and work

122 two-family homes are currently offered for sale in Union County. Prices range from $150,000 to $750,000. You can search through the homes by clicking here and then contact us for an appointment to tour the ones you like.

Where are the two family homes?

Nearly every town in Union County has at least one two-family home for sale. Westfield has a beautiful duplex offered for $749,900. There is a 5 bedroom, 6 bath two-family home in Linden offered for $599,000. Cranford has a beautiful home on nearly a quarter of an acre for only $$539,000 and Clark has a six bedroom home for $494,500.

Investors will be pleased to see that there are  5 great two-family homes for $150,000 – in Linden, Rahway, Plainfield and Union.

Why buy a Two Family Home? 

Buyers of two family homes are often investors – they seek to live in one unit and rent the other unit. With rental prices in Union County so high, they often see a return on investment quickly.

Buyers of two family homes may also buy the two family home for their family. They may seek to live in one unit and have their adult children or elderly parents live in the other unit, saving housing costs and providing a lifestyle that suits some people.


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