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Union, NJ, is home to nearly 57,000 people. It occupies northern Union County in the area that was called Connecticut Farms in the 18th Century. 

There are six primary (PreK-4) schools: Battle Hill SchoolHannah Caldwell SchoolConnecticut Farms Elementary SchoolFranklin SchoolLivingston SchoolWashington SchoolCentral Five-Jefferson School serves grade 5, and Burnet Middle School and Kawameeh Middle School serve grades 6 though 8. Union High School serves 2400 students in grades 9-12.

With 246 single family homes for sale in Union, there’s something for everyone. Prices range from to $84,900 $1,250,000 with property sizes from condos to 40 acre luxury properties. Inventory has dropped since the peak of spring, 2012, and has stayed relatively low for all of 2013. 




With lower inventory, prices tend to increase and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. The average sale price of a home in Union in December was $270,806, well above the average 2013 sale price of $257,398 and even higher than the average 2012 sale price of $234,427.



Sales are still sluggish compared to the rest of Union County. The average Union County home sold in 76 days in 2013, but the average home in Union Township sold after 109 days. While this is still an improvement over the 2012 average of 116 days, December 2013 was sluggish at 141 days.


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