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1.     Lincoln was the first President to wear a beard, to be assassinated, to have his image on a coin, to receive a transcontinental telegraph message, to hold a patent (for a device that frees ships if they run aground in shallow water) and to be born outside of the original 13 States.

2.     Lincoln only attended about 12 months of formal education.

3.     Lincoln’s coffin has been moved 17 times, mostly due to reconstructions of his tomb. The coffin has been opened 5 times. Grave robbers tried to steal his remails in 1876.  

4.     Abraham never once was photographed with his wife Mary Todd Lincoln.

5.     Abraham Lincoln was named after his paternal grandfather who was killed by Native Americans in 1786.

6.     Lincoln saw John Wilkes Booth in a play called The Marble Heart at Ford’s Theater about 18 months before his assassination.

7.     The last direct descendant of Lincoln died in 1985.

8.     The Lincoln Penny was issued in 1909 to commemorate Lincoln’s 100th birthday.

9.     Lincoln’s salary as a President was $25,000 per year.

10.  When Lincoln was elected president, the King of Siam offered him a gift of elephants. Lincoln declined the offer.


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