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Unplug for Valentine’s Day!

When we go out tonight, I’m unplugging. How many times have you seen a table full of people at a restaurant and every one of them is looking at their cell phone? How many times have you seen a couple together, each staring at their own phones?

My partner deserves better, and so do I.

Our clients can reach us on our cells day or night and we’re available to them.  Can we say the same for our loved ones?

Just turn off the phone tonight, folks. Let your loved ones know that you love them more than your Twitter. Give the people in your life facetime, not Facebook. Chat instead of SnapChat. Talk to your partner, not to Her. When the day is out, it’s the time I spend with the people I love that matters, not the newsfeeds I read.

Put your phones together on the table and whoever picks theirs up first has to pay. Make a game of it. If you need to, use an app like UnpluggedFreedomUnplug and ReconnectPause, and brb which can all help us be more present for the people we need to be present for. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Folks! Enjoy the time you spend with your people!



Comments on: "Unplug for Valentine’s Day!" (1)

  1. I am definitely going to consider this tonight! Thank you 🙂

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