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Inventory sluggish in Garwood – is it time to buy?

Garwood, NJ, is a beautiful borough in central Union County. Home to fewer than 5,000 people, the town is served by one elementary school serving students in grades K-8. High school students attend Clark’s Arthur L. Johnson High School.



Inventory: There are currently 12 single family homes offered for sale in Garwood at an average list price of $328,958.  Last April there were 15 homes actively listed. The average inventory over the last 12 months is 14 listings, so inventory in Garwood is a bit low. This could be good news for home sellers as a low supply often leads to higher prices. 





  • Average sale price in April, 2014 – $339,000
  • Average sale price in April, 2013 –  $428,000
  • Average sale price April 2013-April 2014 – $312,026

On average, 1-3 homes are sold in Garwood per month. April had only 1 sale. Average sale prices, therefore, are less significant because there is a wide variety of home styles and conditions.

+Days on Market:

The average home that sold in Garwood in April was sold after only 21 days on the market. Again, because there are rarely more than 3 homes sold in one month, averages become less meaningful. 


If you’re a Garwood homeowner,  call or email us when you’re ready to get your home on the market! Good luck!

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Team Zuhl is here to help you every step of the way. 

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Fanwood Real Estate News – May 2014

 fanwood inventory

Inventory: There are currently 38 homes offered for sale in Fanwood at an average list price of $459,500. Nine homes were sold in April. In 2013, the inventory got as high as 49 homes in May and as low as 25 homes in December.

fanwood prices

Prices: There were nine homes sold in April at an average sale price of $402,000. The average sale price over the last 12 months was $409,622 with the highest in July of 2013.

 fanwood dom

Days on Market: March was sluggish in Fanwood with the average home selling after 111 days on the market. Things have certainly picked up in April when the average days on market was 72 days – still slower than the last 12 months average of 60 days.

fanwood real estate

What does this mean to the home buyer or seller in Fanwood? Call Team Zuhl today!

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The Spring Real Estate Market in Cranford

Cranford was listed as number 141 in NJ Monthly’s Top Towns List last year and Cranford High School is ranked as number 206 in the Nation.

cranford listingsInventory: There are currently 72 homes for sale in Cranford,  NJ, ranging in price from $199,000 to $960,000. Sixteen homes were sold in April which is about average for this time of year in Cranford.

clark price

The average sale price of a home in Cranford in April was $464,288 significantly higher than in April of 2013.  A whopping 28% higher than the same time last year!

cranford domThe average home that sold in April was sold after 46 days on the market.  In the last year the average days on market is right around 50 days.  So April is a slight increase.

If you’re planning on selling your Cranford home, find out how much it is worth with a FREE Comparative Market Analysis by clicking here.

 cranford real estate

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What’s Up in Clark’s Real Estate Market?


There are currenly 67 homes offered for sale in Clark, slightly under the average for the past 12 months and 18 lower than April of 2013. Eight homes were sold in April, much fewer than last spring but showing a slow increase over the last few months.


Average sale price April 2014 – $342,875

Average sale price April 2013 – $476,827

Average sale price March 2014 – $399,600

clark domTime to sell your home:

Homes are flying off the proverbial shelf in Clark this spring! The average home that sold in April was sold after only 25 days on the market – faster than any times since April of 2013 (24 days).  This is among the fastest turnarounds in Union County.

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Linden and Rahway Real Estate

linden and rahway inventory

Inventory: There are 455 active listings in Rahway and Linden as of today. Inventory continues to rise this spring from a low of 377 in December and from the high point of 463 in June of 2013.

A total of 26 homes were sold in April of 2014, down from 31 in March and 32 in April of 2014.


Average list price in April, 2014 – $233,337, up 3% from April of 2013 and up 4% from March of 2014.

Average sale price in April, 2014 – $198,896, up 9% from April of 2013 but down 13% from March of 2014.

Time to sell your home:

Homes in Rahway and Linden are among the slowest selling homes in Union County. The average Days on Market in Rahway and Linden in April was 98 days, about 25% faster than March and almost identical to the average in April of 2013. The highest DOM seen in Rahway and Linden in recent years was 122 days in December of 2013 and the shortest DOM was 84 days in Spetember of 2013.

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