A great place to live and work

clutter_before_1Clutter is the antithesis to selling a home. Buyers aren’t comfortable in a cluttered home and won’t stay long enough to appreciate the fine features in your home if there are too many distractions.

Got 5 minutes? Then tackle one of these 5 minute de-cluttering projects.

  1. Clear a counter. Take everything off the kitchen or bathroom counter and either put it away, donate it, or throw it away. Nothing – NOTHING – should be stored on the counter, although I might make an exception for a blender you use every day for your breakfast smoothie or a pretty soap dish. A clean work space is essential!
  2. Grab a garbage bag and walk around the house collecting things you don’t want or don’t need. Think about old magazines, ripped bath towels, mismatched socks, chipped coffee mugs. Don’t stop until you fill the garbage bag.
  3. Empty a shelf – either a shelf in a cabinet or a shelf in a closet. Everything must be either thrown away, donated, or replaced neatly. Be brutal, though. Don’t keep anything unless it’s really essential.
  4. Tackle 12 inches of the hanging space in your closet. If you won’t wear the item – doesn’t fit, out of style, ripped or stained – then donate it or throw it away.
  5. Pair all of your shoes. When they are sitting side by side with their partners, not only will they look neater but you can also make an informed decision about which to keep and which to donate.
  6. Clear your desk. A messy desk decreases efficiency. Take everything off your desk and either put it away or throw it away.
  7. Organize your paper files. Tackle one type of file at a time – insurance records, credit card receipts, tax records, and the like each require a permanent storage place that makes them accessible. Take one type of document, discard the papers you don’t need, and put the rest in a labelled file folder.
  8. Empty the medicine cabinet. Throw away out of date medicine and medicine you no longer use (contact your town for safe disposal days).
  9. Empty a drawer. Choose either a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen drawer and remove everything. Discard what you can, donate the usable things you don’t want, and then replace the things you do want neatly.
  10. One wall of the garage at a time. Or, if it’s really bad, one half of one wall at a time. Again, remove everything. Throw it away, donate it, or replace it neatly.

And then, after you’re done, repeat. Over and over again. Five minutes at a time. 

Don’t you feel better already?



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