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Before you buy or sell a home in Cranford, you need to know how the real estate market has been performing. Here’s what you need to know this summer:



There are currently 132 homes offered for sale in Cranford. This summer has seen the highest inventory in Cranford in several years. Higher inventory sometimes leads to a decrease in prices. There were 22 homes sold in Cranford in June.



The average price of a home sold in Cranford in June was $470,048. This is about 9% higher than the twelve month average sale price. May of 2015 had an average sale price of $510,020 which is the highest average sale price in several years. Sellers who want to get top dollar for their home will want to be sure that their marketing is on point and that their home is appropriately priced. Buyers who are looking for a bargain in Clark will want to do their research. When you find the home you want to buy, be sure that your offer is competitive because there are many multiple offer situations this summer.

Days on Market:


Homes in Cranford sell quickly. The average home that sold in Cranford in June was sold after only 32 days on the market, and the 12 month average in Cranford was 56 days on the market. Home sellers who are interested in selling their property quickly will need to be sure that the home is priced correctly. Overpriced homes sell much more slowly, if they sell at all. Condition also affects the speed at which a home will sell. Homes that are cleaner, more up to date, and in better condition will sell faster than others.


If you’re planning on selling your Cranford home, call Team Zuhl today for a free comparative market analysis of your home. If you’re thinking of buying a home in Cranford, call us today!

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