Making Your Real Estate Dreams Come True

Before you buy or sell a home in Clark, it’s important to first understand how current market conditions compare to past market conditions and what that means for the future. Here’s what you need to know for August, 2016.

Inventory: There are currently 81 homes offered for sale in Clark.  It is normal for summer inventory to be higher than winter inventory and this year is no exception. There were 15 homes sold in July.  With increased sales in the summer, the inventory will drop down this autumn.  The law of supply and demand predicts that this will result in increasing home prices in Clark.

Prices: The average sold home in Clark in July was sold for $344,088. That’s a little low for Clark and it’s reasonable to predict that will correct itself with higher average sale prices next month.

Days on Market:  Sellers who want to sell their home quickly should work with their Realtor to ensure that the home is priced competitively, is in excellent showing condition, and is being marketed with an aggressive marketing campaign. The average Days on Market for a sold home in Clark in July was 29 days.

If you are a buyer or a seller interested in a home in Clark, New Jersey, please call Team Zuhl! We’re happy to help you in all of your real estate needs!

For more information on selling a home:

For more information on Clark and Clark Real Estate, please click here.

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