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A Tour of NJ for Out-Of-Staters

When our out of state friends come to visit, we try to show them the great things about New Jersey. We’re hoping to dispel the stereotypes about NJ and spray on tans and the Jersey attitude. We have already proven that the Joisey accent is just fine by us, but there’s more to NJ Pride than that.

So here’s what we propose as a 24 hour tour of New Jersey for out of staters.Image

Start the day with breakfast at a NJ diner. I suggest taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a bagel. What could be more quintessentially New Jersey than that – and no one does a bagel like NJ diners do bagels.Image

After breakfast, take a morning trip down the shore. “Down the shore” is what we Jerseyans call “going to the beach.” Our beautiful beaches are spectacular any time of year and any time of day, and out-of-staters who are treated to a sunrise over the ocean won’t soon forget it.

For lunch, have a slice of pizza. New Jerseyans who have lived out of state know that Jersey pizza is unmatched elsewhere.


A road trip to the Pine Barrens quickly dispels the myth that Jersey is all industry.


Follow it up with a trip to the south or west where we hide all our farms – we are the “Garden State,” dontcha know.



There is no end to the fine dining available in New Jersey for dinner. 



End your New Jersey day with a show – try NJPAC or the PNC Bank Arts Center – or a sports event – try NFL football at Giants Stadium, NHL hockey at the Prudential Rock Center in Newark, or try minor league baseball with the Jersey Jackals in Montclair.


If that doesn’t convince your out of state visitors that NJ is the place to be, then nothing will!

Local Baseball Heroes Honored

The Union County Baseball Association is holding its award ceremonies on Sunday, February 12 at 1:00 at L’Affaire Banquet Center in Mountainside.

Westfield High baseball players Dan Kerr and A.J. Murray will be honored as

Union County Baseball Players of the Year. Jackie Lima of Linden High School will be honored as Union County Softball Player of the Year.

Ray Korn, former Elizabeth High baseball coach will be honored for the winningest overall coaching record in Union County history.

Four new members will be inducted into the Union County Baseball Hall of Fame. Dennis McCaffery of Cranford,  Ed Murzinski of Linden, Bob Riesener of Linden, and Jamie Shriner of Roselle Park will all be honored.

Tommy John, former pitcher for the Yankees, Dodgers, and White Sox, will be the special guest speaker.

Tickets for the dinner are $40, with proceeds going to  the Union County Summer Youth Baseball League  and the Fall Teen League.  Tickets are available from the Union County Baseball Association, PO Box 176, Fanwood, New Jersey 07023.

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