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Real Estate Market Update for Linden, NJ – September 2015

Linden, New Jersey, is home to just over 40,000 people in southeastern Union County.

Before a buyer or seller begins a real estate transaction in Linden, the first step is to understand how the local real estate market is behaving. Before you list your home for sale, you need an accurate picture of how much it is worth. Before you begin looking at houses to buy in Linden, it’s important to know how much house you can afford.

Sales: Currently there are 300 homes offered for sale in Linden. The trend line for that past 3 years shows practically no change in inventory.  There were 25 homes sold in Linden in August. The trend line over the past 3 years also shows no change in sales. Since real estate is often a function of supply and demand, it’s important to note that the same number of homes are listed every month as are actually sold.


Prices: The average sale price of a home sold in Linden in August was $231,081. Home prices have been increasing for several years. Lower mortgage rates and an increasing economy have helped boost prices in Linden even though the inventory remains high.


Days on Market: People who are selling their house often have anxiety about maintaining their home in show-ready condition. Being constantly ready for a showing is stressful and most home sellers are eager to sell quickly – not only to relieve the anxiety of being on the market, but also to help them get to the next stage in their lives. Therefore, Days on Market can be an indicator of how long an average home will take from the day it is listed until the day it sells. In Linden, homes sold in August after an average of 81 days on the market.  The good news is that the overall trend in Linden is that homes are selling more quickly now than they were two or three years ago, although the improvement is very slow. The bad news is that homes sell slowest, typically, over the winter. Homeowners who want a quick sale have a small window of opportunity in the autumn before risking a longer time on the market.


If you are a buyer or a seller interested in a home in Union County, please call Team Zuhl! We’re happy to help you in all of your real estate needs!

For more information on selling a home:

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Showing Your Home with a Pet

What do you do with your pets when you’re selling your home?

When your home is offered for sale, lots of strangers will be walking through your home, and that can cause distress for even the most mild-mannered pet. A pet in the house during a showing can cause some potential buyers to rush through the house out of fear or allergies. You also run the risk that a careless agent might accidentally let the pet out of the house.

Here are some suggestions as to how to keep your pet safe while still making your home available to potential buyers:

  • Take your pet to the park, a friend’s house, or doggie day care during the time when showings are happening.smiling dog
  • Let a dog romp in the backyard if it’s fenced, being sure to leave a note for agents who show the house that a dog is outside so they don’t get surprised if they show the yard.
  • Lock the pet in a room or the garage for the day. Be sure to leave enough food and water for him or her, and be sure to tell showing agents that they can come back and see the locked room at another time if their clients are interested in the house.
  • Some pets enjoy showings and are well behaved with strangers. This article by the National Association of Realtors says that having a pet in your home while you’re showing it might actually help the house to sell faster! Consider leaving a bowl of treats with a note on your front porch.
  • Be sure that you’ve removed any pet hair, pet smell, and pet messes prior to any showings!
  • By hiring a REALTOR(R) that uses a showing center to schedule appointments you’ll ensure that you’ll be aware of all appointments and you’ll be able to cancel or reschedule a showing if nobody is able to pen the pets for a showing.
  • You’ll also want to make sure that you keep your pets well groomed, brushed and bathed.  Make sure to vacuum up any shedding and always check for pet “messes”.

What are Luxury Home Buyers looking for?

mansionBetter Homes and Gardens conducted a survey of luxury home buyers, and the results are interesting.

What’s important to luxury home buyers?

  • 96% depend on their real estate agent for information
  • 53% said that they prefer to own multiple homes to support different lifestyles – beaches, cities, skiing.
  • 58% already own multiple homes that support different lifestyles.
  • 60% would prefer upgrades over square footage
  • 54% would give up square footage for a better neighborhood
  • 51% would give up square footage for “character”
  • 44% would give up square footage for more land
  • 39% would give up square footage for access to fine dining and entertaining
  • 38% would give up square footage for a shorter commute
  • 66% would prefer a “smart” home over a “green” home
  • 87% would not even consider a home that isn’t tech-friendly.
  • 53% insist on a garden
  • 50% insists on an outdoor fireplace
  • 47% insist on a separate guest house on the property

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