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Drought Tolerant Plants

The dog days of summer are here, and they’ve brought wilted flowers with them. If you’re not outside watering your garden every evening, it’s hard to maintain the blooms that brightened your days all summer.

Consider drought resistant plants. Not only will you not need to water every night, but you’ll be surprised how hardy these plants are. Some need very little care at all once they’ve been planted and had time to establish themselves. You can set them in the ground now and be rewarded with easy to maintain flowers all summer long next year.


9 Steps to Enhance your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Planning to sell your home?

Don’t put up the sign until you’re sure that every potential buyer who sees the sign will be enticed to come inside. Messy front yards and unkempt houses don’t convince buyers that they want to see more. Before you hang the “For Sale” sign, be sure you’ve taken these 9 steps to great curb appeal!


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Do you know how to attract buyers?

Do you want to sell your home?

The first step is, of course, the list your home with a reputable real estate agent and have it exposed to as many potential buyers as possible.

When buyers first hear about your home – through their agent or through some marketing your agent has done – they often will drive by the area. When they drive by, they’re looking at the neighborhood and making sure it feels like some place they’d like to live. If they like it, they’ll make an appointment to come see it. If there’s anything they don’t like, they won’t make an appointment and you’ve lost an opportunity to get that buyer in to see the home.

It’s very important that your home’s first impression is a great one. Paying attention to the details that make up your home’s curb appeal will make a big difference in how many buyers will see the home. Here’s what you need to know.




If you’re thinking of selling your home, call us for a free comparative home analysis and find out what your home is worth!

What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal is that enigmatic attraction of buyers to your home. Unfortunatly, no one can predict exactly what every buyer is looking for, but here are some tricks to make your home more attractive to the average buyer:

  • Your front yard must be immaculately landscaped. The lawn must be cut and trimmed neatly, preferably on the diagonal.
  • In autumn, leaves must be removed daily. In winter, snow and ice must be removed daily.
  • Sweep the sidewalks and pathways.
  • Your front yard plantings should be neat and attractive. No weeds. No dead branches. New mulch.
  • The border between your plantings and lawn must be neat.
  • Your front porch must be swept daily.
  • Put out a new colorful welcome mat.
  • Paint your front door so it looks clean and bright. A new door is probably worth your investment. Nationally, new front doors recoup 102 percent of their cost in market value.
  • Wash the windows in the front of the house.
  • Be sure that there are neat and clean window treatments in the windows.
  • The light fixtures in the front of your house must be in working condition and should provide soft lighting to all walkways and stairs without causing a glare. Take down the fixture and clean it, or replace it.
  • Be sure your house number is easily visible.
  • Plant yellow flowers. The color yellow sells.
  • Buy new hardware for the front door, including a new mailbox.
  • Power wash the front of the house to remove dirt.
  • Maintain a neat and clean place for your garbage cans, preferably out of view on the side of the house.


Dos and Don’ts When Showing Your Home


Putting your home on the market is only the first step. You still have to find the right buyer, and that might take quite a few showings. Certainly in the first few weeks of your home being on the market, you can expect buyers to want to see your home dozens of times. When the market is hot, a home can have a hundred or more potential buyers in the first week. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help your showings work for you:


  • Clean the home from top to bottom. Buyers will look under your sinks, in your closets, and behind your furnace.
  • Make the front of your home as appealing as possible – we call this “Curb Appeal.” Mow the lawn, wash the windows, rake the leaves, remove toys and excessive lawn furniture.
  • Send your pets to a friend’s house. No matter how friendly Fluffy is, not everyone likes dogs or cats or lizards.
  • Get out of the house. Buyers and their agents will be uncomfortable critiquing your home with you present.


  • Leave your valuables out on display. Put away your laptop and jewelry. Ditto your bank statements and check book.
  • Fill your home with photos. One or two is fine, but too many will keep the potential buyers from imaging this as their home.
  • Hide everything in the closet. Buyers will open the doors.
  • Spray air freshener. It doesn’t hide odors. It just alerts visitors to the fact that you’re trying to hide odors.
  • Leave your medications out. Aside from your medical history being private, you certainly don’t want to reach for your blood pressure pills and discover they’ve been taken.

Got a question about how to prepare your home for a showing? Your Realtor can help!

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