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Showing Your Home with a Pet

What do you do with your pets when you’re selling your home?

When your home is offered for sale, lots of strangers will be walking through your home, and that can cause distress for even the most mild-mannered pet. A pet in the house during a showing can cause some potential buyers to rush through the house out of fear or allergies. You also run the risk that a careless agent might accidentally let the pet out of the house.

Here are some suggestions as to how to keep your pet safe while still making your home available to potential buyers:

  • Take your pet to the park, a friend’s house, or doggie day care during the time when showings are happening.smiling dog
  • Let a dog romp in the backyard if it’s fenced, being sure to leave a note for agents who show the house that a dog is outside so they don’t get surprised if they show the yard.
  • Lock the pet in a room or the garage for the day. Be sure to leave enough food and water for him or her, and be sure to tell showing agents that they can come back and see the locked room at another time if their clients are interested in the house.
  • Some pets enjoy showings and are well behaved with strangers. This article by the National Association of Realtors says that having a pet in your home while you’re showing it might actually help the house to sell faster! Consider leaving a bowl of treats with a note on your front porch.
  • Be sure that you’ve removed any pet hair, pet smell, and pet messes prior to any showings!
  • By hiring a REALTOR(R) that uses a showing center to schedule appointments you’ll ensure that you’ll be aware of all appointments and you’ll be able to cancel or reschedule a showing if nobody is able to pen the pets for a showing.
  • You’ll also want to make sure that you keep your pets well groomed, brushed and bathed.  Make sure to vacuum up any shedding and always check for pet “messes”.

10 Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Angry PirateIf you’re taking a vacation this year, there’s no reason to leave your home unprotected. Here are 10 ways to be sure that burglars don’t choose your home:

  1. Be sure the doors and windows are locked.
  2. Install outdoor lighting that makes entrances to your home visible from the street without causing glare.
  3. Put random lights, televisions, and radios on timers so that anyone watching your home will think you’re still there.
  4. Prune bushes away from your home so that there aren’t any places for a burglar to hide.
  5. Contact your post office and newspaper delivery service and stop delivery while you’re gone, or have a neighbor you trust pick up your deliveries.
  6. Arrange for a neighbor to park in your driveway if you’re taking your car with you.
  7. Close the blinds so that anyone walking by can’t see what goodies you have.
  8. Install an alarm system. Prices vary, but if you leave your home often, it may be worth the $50-$100 per month investment.
  9. Install safety and security window films near windows that are close to door handles to make the windows tough to smash.
  10. Get a dog. And a dog sitter.
Have a great time on your vacations this year, but make sure your home is safe!

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