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How Much is Your Home Worth?


Dozens of home listings in Union County expire every week. If a home doesn’t sell, the three biggest reasons are:



1. Price – If you’re asking $350,000 for your home, then it had better be at least as good as the other homes in the area being offered for $350,000. If not, it won’t sell. In fact, it won’t even be seen by buyers. The factors that determine the value of a home are:


1. Location


2. Size


3. Amenities/Upgrades


2. Condition – Rundown homes and homes that aren’t updated don’t sell unless they are priced lower than the competition. Buyers aren’t interested in putting another $50,000 into a home they’ve just paid full price for.


3. Marketing – Your home has to be listed on the local MLS with a listing that accurately and enthusiastically sells your home. You have to have signage. We use open houses, virtual tours, enhanced listings on the major real estate websites, individual property websites, and personalized domain names. Without proper marketing, your home won’t get seen.




The best way to ensure that your home gets visited by many potential buyers is to price it right! The easiest way to determine the appropriate price is to compare your home to recent sales that are similar in neighbhorhood and in size. Real Estate Professionals call this a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis. If you call us today, we’ll provide you with your CMA free of charge and free of obligation. For a fee, a professional appraiser can provide you with a much more accurate estimate of market value called an appraisal. 


For more information:


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How much Equity do you have in your Clark, NJ, home?

As you prepare to make your New Year’s Resolutions and start thinking about your taxes, a firm reveiw of your financial situation makes sense. If you’re like many people, your home is your biggest asset. Here’s how to calculate how much equity you have in your home:

                              Market Value of your home

                            – Mortgage Debt Owed         


We can help you determine the market value of your home with a free Comparative Market Analysis in which we will compare your home to others like it in your neighborhood that have sold in recent months. Call us today!


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