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For Sale – Home with Fireplace!

After a long day shoveling, battling icy roads, and shivering, today is a great day to curl up by the fireplace. Here are some beautiful homes with fireplaces for sale.

The Benefits of a Fireplace

Aside from ambience and coziness, fireplaces provide warmth, effectively reducing your heating bill. Fireplaces can be combined with a blower to help transfer heat from the fireplace to the room. Using a fireback of cast iron or stainless steel behind the fire can help reflect more heat into the room also.

Types of Fireplaces

Fireplaces may be made of brick or stone or may be manufactured with sheet metal. They can be fueled by wood, natural gas, biomass, or propane. 

The chimney may be made of brick or stone and the flue may be tile lined, metal lined, or unlined. Flues may also have a chase cover, a cap to keep small animals out of the chimney, and a spark arrestor to prevent sparks from coming out of the chimney and potentially landing on your roof. 

Safety Issues with Fireplaces

The biggest concern of many homeowners with fireplaces is the risk of Chimney Fires. Proper cleaning and maintenance can prevent chimney fires. Oxygen sensors and carbon monoxide sensors are essential for the conscientious homeowner.


If you’re thinking of buying a home in Union County, there are 309 homes offered for sale with fireplaces. List prices range from $99,000 up to $2.25M. 


Old Bridge Townhouse for sale!

117 Heywood Court

Old Bridge, NJ

  • This 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse has a gas fireplace in the living room, a private patio off sliders in the dining room, and a cozy kitchen. It has a 1 car garage, partially finished basement with a laundry room, and a master bedroom with a walk in closet and a master bath.
  • Offered by Hallmark Realtors and Team Zuhl for $229,900!
  • Call us at 908-917-4189 for your private showing.

What home improvements actually increase the value of your home?

Spring isn’t far off, and lots of Union County residents are thinking about getting their homes ready to sell. Which home improvements actually pay off in terms of increased selling price?

You may have heard homeowners saying that they’ll recover the cost of a certain home improvement when they sell the house. The truth is, some home improvements are worth more than others.

Does the house have a pool? A fourth bedroom? Marble tile? Hardwood floors? A fireplace? These things typically add to the value for a buyer. Some of the amenities that might increase the sale price might be worth adding to your home in advance of selling it. If you can afford to update your home before you sell it, it will bring in a better price.

Remodeling Magazine and the National Association of Realtors produce a collaborative report on improving a home before sale every year. This report is called the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report and it compares construction costs with resale values.

The 2011-2011 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report indicates that, nationally, replacing the front door of a home results in a 102 percent profit over the cost of replacing the door, on average. In other words, one can expect to recoup $102 dollar for every $100 spent on a new door, on average nationally. Similarly, replacing a garage door results in an 84 percent recovery of cost. Replacing siding results in a national average of 80 percent recovery of cost.  (Source:

Adding a 16 by 20 foot deck using pressure treated joists and including a built in bench and planter with stairs and railings returns about 73 percent of cost nationally.(Source:

According to the 2010-2011Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, remodeling a minor mid-range kitchen returns about 73 percent of its investment but a major remodeling recovers about 60 percent.(Source:

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside….How to Keep it Warm Inside

If last winter is any indication, this winter will be cold. I can already imagine the heating bills coming in just a few weeks after the holiday bills.

Here are some great ways to keep your heating bills manageable.

  •  Check around your windows or doors for gaps. Likewise, check around exterior faucets, dryer vents, exterior electrical outlets and light fixtures, holes for phones, cable wires, and air conditioning lines. , close them up with a bead of caulk – you can buy clear caulk or paintable latex caulk. Larger gaps can be filled with expanding spray foam. Cost – about $5.00.
  • Dryer, range hood, and bath fan vents will have louvered covers on the outside of the house. These louvers should open when the vent is in use and should close smoothly and completely when the vent is not in use. You can adjust the spring tension to hold them more tightly closed. Cost – Free! You can add weather stripping tape around the vent. Cost – $10.00. For really worn out vents, you can replace the entire vent cap. Cost $40.00 and up.
  • Fireplace dampers should be kept closed except when the fireplace is being used or else your heat will go right up your chimney.
  • Most fireplaces are horribly inefficient, converting only about 15% of the wood’s energy to useful heat. Fireplace inserts are sealed metal boxes that fit inside your existing fireplace and are designed to circulate room air around the firebox and extract as much heat as possible. Cost – about $200-$500.
  • Doors to attics, crawl spaces, and other interior unheated spaces need to be weather stripped and insulated. Cost – $40.00 per door.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat can help you manage your heating and cooling more efficiently. Cost $70-$200.

I’d love to hear what your plans are to lower your bills this winter!

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