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Jockey Hollow – 30 minutes from Union County!

We set out today to do some apple and pumpkin picking, getting ourselves into the spirit of autumn.

But then we saw the crowds of people at the farm and just couldn’t bring ourselves to join them, pushing their way onto rickety hay wagons and juggling three pumpkins, two kids, and a bag of apples.

So we kept driving. And found ourselves at Jockey Hollow.

If you’re unfamiliar, Jockey Hollow is the site where George Washington and the Continental Army encamped during from October, 1779, to June, 1780, including the harshest and coldest winter on record at that time. On the site are several soldier huts which held a dozen men and which are 14 by 16 feet with a dirt floor.  The site is also the location of the Wick House where park employees dress in period costumes and will tell you about the Wick family, a very wealthy farming family who owned hundreds of acres.


We enjoyed the tons of hiking trails and got to enjoy fall’s colors.

IMAG1599 IMAG1600     

George Washington’s Union County Headquarters

The Nathaniel Drake House is located in Plainfield, New Jersey. The house was built in 1746 by Isaac Drake.  Isaac Drake was  a son of the Rev. John Drake, first Baptist minister of Piscataway, NJ. Originally, the home was a 1 1/2 story building with four rooms and a lean-to kitchen.  George Washington stayed at the home during the Battle of Short Hills in 1777 and made it his Union County Headquarters for that time. The Drake family were all patriots.

The home is now operated at the Drake House Museum and is the headquarters of the Historical Society of Plainfield.  The building has been updated by grants from the NJ Historic Trust. It is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and is one of the oldest buildings in NJ. Among the museum’s collection are the original deed to the property,  the will of Nathaniel Drake, the family Bible, and a well-preserved portrait of Nathaniel.


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