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The Ghost of Hannah Caldwell

Last week, we featured guest blogger Gordon Bond who told us some fascinating Union County lore, including the story behind the Union County official seal.

Hannah Caldwell, wife of the Fighting parson Reverend James Caldwell, was the first woman killed during the American Revolution. Hannah and her husband are buried in the cemetery next to the Union County Courthouse. How she was killed isn’t certain – some stories say she was mistaken for a sniper by a British redcoat. Others say she was murdered in retaliation for her husband’s activities. Still others say that it was just a stray shot that killed Hannah. Either way, her death rallied the area’s farmers to participate in the Revolution.

As long ago as the 1970s, people reported seeing ghosts in the cemetery and courthouse. Some suspect that one of the ghosts is that of Hannah Caldwell herself. Custodians report seeing a woman all dressed in white near the elevator. Visitors report lights flickering and elevators opening and shutting on their own. Other people report seeing a woman in white colonial clothing floating through the parking garage and court corridors. The face of Hannah is sometimes seen in the window of the first floor office. Ringing bells and footsteps are heard in the courthouse Rotunda. A psychic paid a visit to the courthouse and reported that Hannah was not pleased with the way her murder was depicted on the Union County seal.

Sci-Fi channel’s Ghost Hunters featured the Union County Courthouse and cemetery in 2009. While there, the crew heard footsteps while sitting in the Rotunda, and corroborated this with a high EMF (electromagnetic field) reading – sometimes an indicator of paranormal activities. Many crew members reported seeing a shadow pass by a painting of James Caldwell. They captured footage of an apparition walking across a room and through a wall. Other footage shows an apparition vanishing along a path.

What have you seen at the courthouse?

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