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Day Trip to NYC!

Those of us in Union County have access to some of the most diverse cultural experiences in the world by taking a bus ride into New York City.

File:American Museum of Natural History New York City.jpg

If you haven’t been to the American Museum of Natural History in a few years, it might be time to go again! We were there today – it was too hot to stay home – and had a fantastic time touring the 46 permanent exhibits.

Of course we made a trip to the Hayden Planetarium and to the Rose Center. I love the time line from the Big Bang to today and I love the size comparisons of everything from the known universe to the size of a proton.


3.2 million year old Lucy


1.7 million year old Turkana Boy

The meteorite hall is always a favorite, as is the Hall of Human Origins where you can visit casts of the skeletons of Lucy and Turkana Boy.

Everyone’s favorite is always the fourth floor where the dinosaurs are housed. AMNH  has Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, a Brontosaurus, several mammoths and ancient horses, a Triceratops, a Stegosaurs, and thousands others.

To see some more photos of our trip, check out Team Zuhl’s post today!

File:AMNH-TRex 5.jpg

Dear TZ – How can I commute to New York City from Union County?


Dear TZ,

I have a job in New York City and I don’t want to move to Union County if the commute is going to be too difficult. What are the commuting options into the City from Union County?


Subway SalFile:New Jersey Transit GE P40DC 4800.jpg

Dear Sal,

Obviously the ease of your commute will be a huge factor in your decision about where to move.  Fortunately for you Union County is ideal for the NYC commuter.  In fact many all the towns in the county have easy access to NYC either by rail or bus.

The current downside is that the rail line (the Raritan Valley Line) only runs to Newark during the week. But a quick train change in Newark (either NJT or PATH) and you’re in the city in no time. There is talk of a new type of locomotive that will allow the trains on the Raritan Valley Line to go to Penn Station. The current issue is that the Raritan Valley trains are Diesel powered and all trains going thru Penn Station are powered by electicity. The new locomotives being proposed run on diesel (when there’s no power lines) or electicity. So when the plan is approved the trains will be diesel powered to Newark and then electically powered to NYC. When that does happen you won’t need to change trains. There has not been a date or funding approved for the dual mode locomotives at this time.

There are also a multitude of bus stops that will bring you to Port Authority near Times Square.  From there you can walk, take a cab or subway to your destination.

Both trains and buses are operated by New Jersey Transit.

Ask your REALTOR(R) for an Transit schedule and map to assist you in your search.

Best of luck!

– Wayne and Jean

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