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New Homeowners – Have you gotten this Deed Scam in the mail?

Warning – New Homeowners! Beware of this potential scam!

Once a home sells, the sale information becomes public record and is printed as a public notice in one or more newspapers, as well as being listed online.  This is where the scammers get their information.

Some recent home purchasers have been victims of a new Deed Scam Here’s how the scam works, so you’ll know what to look out for.

A homeowner gets an official looking document telling them why they need a “certified” copy of their deed and how to get one.  Usually the homeowner will be asked to send anywhere from $60 to $100 to a company and their deed will be mailed to them within 21 days.  The document looks similar to the one pictured here.Image

The truth is that homeowners will receive one official copy of their deed soon after closing. If you need a second copy, you can get it by contacting the county clerk and requesting a copy.  In most cases there will be a very small fee from the county.  For example in Union County, the fee is $8 for the first page and $2 for each additional page – usually less than $20 total.

So beware those official looking documents that you get in the mail.  If you receive an offer for an official deed and if you’re not sure if it’s legitimate, call your real estate agent!


In the next few days we’ll let you know about potential mortgage scams that are aimed at new homeowners.

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