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Sale Price of FSBOs in Union County

The average homeowner does not have the knowledge nor the experience necessary to sell their home for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

How does the data compare?


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Mountainside’s Real Estate News

New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Mountainside as its 16th best place to live in its 2008 rankings of the “Best Places To Live” in New Jersey, as well as eighth in the 2010 list.

Currently, there are 43 homes offered for sale in Mountainside, representing a 14% decrease in inventory compared to September of 2012.

mountainside active and sold listings

The average home that sold in Mountainside in September sold for $734,339. This is 44% higher than average sales in September of 2012.

mountainside sale price and list price

Real Estate Professionals judge the strength of a real estate market based upon the Months of Supply in the area. This number tells you how many months it would take for all the current homes for sale on the market to sell, based upon the rate of sales in the past. A Months of Supply of 5 months is considered average – buyers and sellers are about equal in the area and homes are being bought at about the same rate that they are being put on the market. A Months of Supply of less than 5 months is what real estate professionals often call a “seller’s market.” This means that there are more buyers than sellers in the area and homes are selling quicker than they are being put on the market. Typically, this increases prices. A Months of Supply of greater than 5 months is what real estate professionals call a “buyer’s market.” This means that there are more sellers than buyers in the area and homes are sitting unsold for a while. Typically, this decreases prices.

Mountainside is currently experiencing a month’s supply of 3.38. Buyers may have a tough time getting in the market if they don’t act quickly.

mountainside months supply

If you’re interested in purchasing a home in Mountainside or the surrounding area, please see a complete list of homes at If you’re planning to sell your Mountainside home, please call us at 908-917-4189 for a free comparative market analysis of your home.

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