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Dear TZ – When should I sell my Union County Home?

Dear TZ,

We’re ready to move out of our home into a retirement community. Some people told us that summer is the worst time to sell a house, and we’re afraid that all of the buyers will be away on vacation. Should we wait for fall? Does the season of the year matter?

Suzie and Bill Snowbird


Dear Suzie and Bill,

While the “spring rush” is a real thing, the truth is that there are buyers buying houses all year round.  There could also be financial benefits to NOT waiting to sell.  

While the market appears to be “nearing” the bottom, we’re not really there yet, so by waiting the market will continue to soften and chances are you will not sell your home for as much you could by listing TODAY!  

The pool of buyers is less in the summer months, but that pool may only be 10% less than in the “spring rush”.  So if you price your home competitively it will sell at ANY time in the year.   

You may want to consider getting a pre-appraisal and listing your home BELOW the appraised value.  By doing this you’ll most likely create huge excitement amongst the buyers and in many cases a bidding war can occur.  Usually with a bidding war, the home will sell ABOVE list price.

So don’t hesitate, get on the market NOW!

– Wayne and Jean


Please note that all information is reliable but not guaranteed.  Please consult with your Real Estate professional before making any Real Estate decisions.  

Crossing the Celestial Equator

Happy First Day of Spring! This beautiful hyacinth on the left appeared in my front yard a few days ago.

Astronomically speaking, today is the day that the Sun crosses the celestial equator (an imaginary line directly above the equator) heading north.

This diagram to the right

is the analemma. It traces the path of the Sun in its annual migration to the northern and southern hemispheres.  In other words, for the next 6 months, the Sun is in the northern hemisphere! Of course, any fifth grader can tell you that the cause of this is the tilt of the Earth on its axis as it orbits the Sun.

Some people believe that the equinox is a day when sun rise and sun set are exactly 12 hours apart – resulting in equal day and nights. That day – when sunset and sunrise are 12 hours apart – is called the equilux. The equilux is different for different locations on Earth.

The image below shows the illumination of the Earth by the Sun today.

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