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Keeping Your Pointsettias Alive

To me, pointsettias are the perennial holiday flower. They bring bright red and green into an otherwise dreary landscape, and even one potted pointsettia brightens an entire room. We give them as gifts to some of our clients and referral partners. This year, we were lucky enough to have a son majoring in plant science. He worked in the greenhouse at his college and raised plenty of beautiful pointsettias from seedlings. He also gave us some tips on what to do with the plants after the blooms fade.

Now that the holidays are over, you’re probably thinking of putting away the decorations and the pointsettias might go in the garbage. A few inches of storage space and a few minutes of thought can keep your plants dormant for part of the year and they’ll bloom bright and beautiful again next year. Here’s what to do:

Once the bloom fades, prune back the plant to 6″ tall. Reduce watering to once every 2-3 weeks – it should get completely dry between waterings.Image

Then, in the summer, repot the plant into a slightly larger pot. Choose one that you’ll enjoy looking at next December. Once you see new growth, start fertilizing it every two weeks but pinch back all the new growth. This encourages the formation of new branches. It can go outside as long as the temperature is above 55 degrees F.

In early October, put your pointsettia in complete darkness for at least 14 hours a day. This encourages it to bloom. You can cover it with a bag or move it to a closet but only let it get about 6 hours of sunlight. Continue to water and fertilize it.

By the end of November or early in December, you should see flower buds. Once you do, you can bring your plant out of the dark and let it become part of your decorations. Continue to water and feed it until the bloom fades.


55 Things to do in NJ this summer

We’ve lived in NJ our whole lives, and have spent many summers wandering the ins and outs of all the great things NJ has to offer. This summer, try something you’ve never done before. Here are 55 ideas – let us know which ones you pick!

Dear TZ – When should I sell my Union County Home?

Dear TZ,

We’re ready to move out of our home into a retirement community. Some people told us that summer is the worst time to sell a house, and we’re afraid that all of the buyers will be away on vacation. Should we wait for fall? Does the season of the year matter?

Suzie and Bill Snowbird


Dear Suzie and Bill,

While the “spring rush” is a real thing, the truth is that there are buyers buying houses all year round.  There could also be financial benefits to NOT waiting to sell.  

While the market appears to be “nearing” the bottom, we’re not really there yet, so by waiting the market will continue to soften and chances are you will not sell your home for as much you could by listing TODAY!  

The pool of buyers is less in the summer months, but that pool may only be 10% less than in the “spring rush”.  So if you price your home competitively it will sell at ANY time in the year.   

You may want to consider getting a pre-appraisal and listing your home BELOW the appraised value.  By doing this you’ll most likely create huge excitement amongst the buyers and in many cases a bidding war can occur.  Usually with a bidding war, the home will sell ABOVE list price.

So don’t hesitate, get on the market NOW!

– Wayne and Jean


Please note that all information is reliable but not guaranteed.  Please consult with your Real Estate professional before making any Real Estate decisions.  

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