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Hurricanes and your Home – A Quiz

Hurricane Season is upon us. Do you know how to protect your home if a hurricane hits? Take this short quiz.

1. Your homeowners insurance won’t cover damage to your home if a named storm hits.

2. Hurricane insurance is like flood insurance – there’s nothing you can do to lower the cost.

3. First aid supplies, flashlight, water and food, and changes of clothing are all that is needed in your emergency grab-and-go bag in the event of a hurricane.

4. Your roof  is the place in your home that is most vulnerable to hurricane damage.

5. Boarding up or taping windows will prevent them from being damaged.

Answers. All of the above statements are false.

1. Few policies exclude named storms. The time to check for exclusions is before a hurricane hits. You may need to add a hurricane insurance policy – costs range from $300 to $20,000 depending on the value of your home and the level of risk.

2. Your agent will be able to determine if you can lower the cost of your hurricane insurance by doing some simple things like installing storm shutters or garage door braces.

3. You should include an inventory of the items in your home, a backup drive for the files on your computers, your important papers like insurance documents and deeds and birth certificates (or scanned copies of them on a USB key),

4. Your garage door is the most vulnerable place. Most don’t provide a tight seal, and they open at ground level – perfect for water to get in.

5. Boarding up and taping windows will prevent shards of broken glass from hurting the people inside, and will help to keep the window, although broken, intact, therefore preventing wind and rain from further damaging the interior.

So how did you do? Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

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