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Wine and Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by visiting these NJ Wineries offering a Wine and Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend February 11-12 from noon to 5 pm.

Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery is offering live music on Saturday night from 7-9. The Rubber Souls, a Beatles tribute band, will perform Beatles Loves Songs.
Bellview Winery offers chocolate dipped wine bottles.

Brook Hollow Winery offers custom labels for wine bottles.

Cream Ridge Winery recently released ChocolateBerry wine made with Raspberries.

Four Sisters Winery is featuring a performance of an interactive  murder mystery and a buffet dinner.

Laurita Winery 
 offers hand rolled chocolate truffles, chocolate lava cake, and a chocolate romance fountain.  Heritage Vineyards is offering a wine and chocolate display as well as live music.

Natali Vineyards offers chocolate and wine samples all weekend and a fresh cut rose for every woman that visits.

Old York Cellars has an indoor picnic area.

Plagido’s Winery has a wide variety of desserts including milk and white chocolate dipped strawberries, éclairs, cream puffs, cakes and cookies.

Unionville Vineyards offers tango lessons at 1:00 on Saturday.

A Dozen (Cheap) Valentine Date Ideas

Rosees? Chocolates? Or do you give your partner what s/he really wants – time. Here are a dozen inexpensive date ideas to make give you and your partner the chance to spend some time together.

  1. Check the Star Ledger for a local concert in a smaller, more intimate setting.
  2. Buy two cheap canvases and finger paint.
  3. Build a fire, snuggle up, and read a book of romantic poetry together.
  4. Take a picnic lunch and go to a lake to feed the ducks.
  5. Select a new recipe. Shop for the ingredients and prepare dinner together. Get a little fancier than usual.
  6. Make a recording of the loves songs you both like and play it while driving in the countryside.
  7. Go for a hike. Some great Union County parks can be found here.
  8. Rent a new movie and make popcorn.
  9. Take a trip to NYC and visit the museums.
  10. Go on a wine or brewery tour.
  11. See a matinee for less than a movie in the evening.
  12. Go to a coffeehouse, sit in giant comfy seats, and sip lattes.

50 things to be thankful for

  1. The armed forces
  2. kittens
  3. friends who don’t let your failures bring you down
  4. friends who don’t let your successes get to your head
  5. volunteer first aid and firemen
  6. fireflies on freshly a cut lawn
  7. parents
  8. freedom of religion
  9. hot tea with lemon
  10. poetry and music that speaks to your soul
  11. cold medicine
  12. daffodils
  13. a boss who inspires you
  14. fluffy down comforters
  15. Grandmothers
  16. faith
  17. a full moon
  18. vitamins
  19. cloth napkins
  20. pine needles under giant forests of trees
  21. hammocks
  22. coaches
  23. the giggle of a baby
  24. a snow day
  25. teachers who care
  26. puppies
  27. a rainbow after a drizzle
  28. antibiotics
  29. brothers and sisters
  30. the sweetness of strawberries
  31. the Macy’s Parade
  32. coupons
  33. seeing eye dogs
  34. lazy Sundays
  35. kind strangers
  36. good doctors and nurses
  37. a spouse that totally gets you
  38. peanut butter
  39. ice cold lemonade
  40. sunsets
  41. memories
  42. a night out under the stars
  43. free public libraries
  44. ice cream
  45. soft breeze through a window at night
  46. salt water taffy
  47. freedom of speech
  48. red wine
  49. barbecues
  50. the right to vote

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