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Dear TZ – When should I sell my Union County Home?

Dear TZ,

We’re ready to move out of our home into a retirement community. Some people told us that summer is the worst time to sell a house, and we’re afraid that all of the buyers will be away on vacation. Should we wait for fall? Does the season of the year matter?

Suzie and Bill Snowbird


Dear Suzie and Bill,

While the “spring rush” is a real thing, the truth is that there are buyers buying houses all year round.  There could also be financial benefits to NOT waiting to sell.  

While the market appears to be “nearing” the bottom, we’re not really there yet, so by waiting the market will continue to soften and chances are you will not sell your home for as much you could by listing TODAY!  

The pool of buyers is less in the summer months, but that pool may only be 10% less than in the “spring rush”.  So if you price your home competitively it will sell at ANY time in the year.   

You may want to consider getting a pre-appraisal and listing your home BELOW the appraised value.  By doing this you’ll most likely create huge excitement amongst the buyers and in many cases a bidding war can occur.  Usually with a bidding war, the home will sell ABOVE list price.

So don’t hesitate, get on the market NOW!

– Wayne and Jean


Please note that all information is reliable but not guaranteed.  Please consult with your Real Estate professional before making any Real Estate decisions.  

Why are snow flakes different shapes?

How Big Is A Snowflake? Most snowflakes are less than one-half inch across. The largest snowflake recorded was fifteen inches in diameter. The Guinness Book of World Records states that the world’s largest snowflake appeared at Fort Keogh, Montana, on Jan. 28, 1887. The snowflake was about 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.

How Many Snowflake Shapes Are There? All snowflakes have six sides and no two snowflakes are alike. Scientists think that there are five different shapes of snow crystals. 1. long needle shape 2. hollow column that is shaped like a six-sided prism 3. thin and flat six-sided plates 4. six-pointed stars 5. intricate dendrites

What Makes The Different Shapes? The shape that a snow crystal will take depends on the temperature at which it was formed.

  • When the temperature is around 32°F to 25°F thin six-sides plates are formed.
  • At 25°F to 21°F long needle shapes are formed.
  • At 21°F to 14°F hollow columns are formed.
  • At 14°F to 10°F six-point stars are formed.
  • At 10°F to 3°F dendrites are formed.
  • The colder it is outside, the smaller the snowflakes that fall.
  • The fluffiest snow falls at temperatures around 15°F.

What was the tallest snowman? It took 14 days for the residents of Bethel, Maine, to make the tallest snowman ever. Completed Feb. 17, 1999, the snowman, Angus, was about 114 feet tall, and had car tires for a mouth and trees for arms.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside….How to Keep it Warm Inside

If last winter is any indication, this winter will be cold. I can already imagine the heating bills coming in just a few weeks after the holiday bills.

Here are some great ways to keep your heating bills manageable.

  •  Check around your windows or doors for gaps. Likewise, check around exterior faucets, dryer vents, exterior electrical outlets and light fixtures, holes for phones, cable wires, and air conditioning lines. , close them up with a bead of caulk – you can buy clear caulk or paintable latex caulk. Larger gaps can be filled with expanding spray foam. Cost – about $5.00.
  • Dryer, range hood, and bath fan vents will have louvered covers on the outside of the house. These louvers should open when the vent is in use and should close smoothly and completely when the vent is not in use. You can adjust the spring tension to hold them more tightly closed. Cost – Free! You can add weather stripping tape around the vent. Cost – $10.00. For really worn out vents, you can replace the entire vent cap. Cost $40.00 and up.
  • Fireplace dampers should be kept closed except when the fireplace is being used or else your heat will go right up your chimney.
  • Most fireplaces are horribly inefficient, converting only about 15% of the wood’s energy to useful heat. Fireplace inserts are sealed metal boxes that fit inside your existing fireplace and are designed to circulate room air around the firebox and extract as much heat as possible. Cost – about $200-$500.
  • Doors to attics, crawl spaces, and other interior unheated spaces need to be weather stripped and insulated. Cost – $40.00 per door.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat can help you manage your heating and cooling more efficiently. Cost $70-$200.

I’d love to hear what your plans are to lower your bills this winter!

Winter Gardening

ImageWhat you do in the garden this winter can have big payoffs in the spring. Here are the top 6 tips for maintaining your winter garden:

1. Remove any weeds, being sure to pull the roots. Weeds are easier to spot in the winter when other plants have died back, and pulling the weeds now will prevent them from taking foothold in the spring.


2. Cut your lawn short. Not only does this make last minute leaf removal easier, but it also keeps the grass healthier.


3. Plant and fertilize bulbs. Tulips provide a bright splash in the spring and now’s the time to plant them!

4. Prune any damaged branches.



5. Remove and store tender tubers like dahlias and canna lilies.

6.Empty rain barrels and any other device that might store water which might expand when frozen, damaging the container.


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