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Choosing a Lawn Mower

Spring has sprung, and so have the weeds! It’s definitely time to decide how you’re going to handle the lawn this year – hire help or do it yourself.

If you’re of the DIY mind, then here are things to consider before you purchase a new mower:File:Sekačka na hřišti.jpg

–         How big is your lawn? Larger lawns take longer to mow, obviously, and you’ll want a sturdier lawn mower that’s easier to use.  Very expansive lawns will probably require a ride-on mower

–         How long will the mower last? If you’re planning on staying in the same property for more than a year or two, you want a mower to last. But if you’re trading up, you might need a bigger one when you do, and if you’re trading down, you might need a smaller one or none at all.

–         What kind of maintenance will the mower require? Do you have the mechanical abilities to perform routine maintenance on the type of machine you’re planning on buying, or will you need a reliable repair shop.

Lawn Mower–         Is your lawn level or on a slope? You’ll probably want a self-propelled mower if there’s a slope.

Types of Mowers:

–         A reel mower (the kind my father used to have) are environmentally friendly, quiet, inexpensive, and take the place of going to the gym whenever you mow the lawn! They typically run about $150.

–         Push-behind mowers require a little effort and therefore are great for small flat lawns. They don’t break down often and are available for about $150.

–         Electric mowers require an electric cord which means they’re super easy to start and are quieter and more environmentally friendly than gas mowers. They’re also not as sturdy and you’ll need to mow more often. Some people find mowing the lawn with the electric cord challenging. Electric mowers sell for around $200.

–         Self-propelled mowers are easier to use on large or sloped lawns. They all have control levers so that they turn off if you let go, preventing you from accidentally running over your neighbor’s tulips. Self propelled mowers will cost about $700.

–         Ride-on mowers come in various sizes depending on the size of the blade. Longer blades mean you cut more grass at a time and are great for larger lawns. Ride-on mowers come in gas and electric and cost upwards of $1500 and as much as $10,000.

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